New Larger Optical Scanning Systems

ScannerMAX Galvo Mirrors

Sampling of various mirror sizes and optical coatings offered at ScannerMAX.

You asked, we delivered! ScannerMAX now offers stronger, cooler, and faster optical scanning systems supporting 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm beam diameters. These systems have scan angles of up to 40 degrees and are offered in single or dual axis configurations.

Available in several optical coatings including UV, 1064nm (fiber laser), and 10.6um (CO2 laser), these large mirrors are perfect for applications in LIDAR, additive manufacturing, laser marking, 3D printing, laser cleaning/ablation, and more.

All of our optical scanning systems are controlled with our Mach DSP servo driver. The Mach DSP is capable of supporting analog and digital command, including XY2-100. Other protocols are available, including a digital serial protocol which offers synchronized sampling and real-time digital position feedback.

We offer free consultations with our engineers to pick the best galvo and mirror combination for your application. Drawings and 3D files are also available to integrate our scanners into your product. Please contact us for a fast quotation.

ScannerMAX Compact Series Scanners with Larger Mirrors

Compact 506 10mm | Compact 506 16mm | ARC 30mm | Compact 506 3mm

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