MACH-DSP 15V / 24V

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Mach DSP Server Driver/Amplifier Rightside
Mach DSP Server Driver/Amplifier Frontside
Mach DSP Server Driver/Amplifier Leftside
Mach DSP Server Driver/Amplifier Backside
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The Mach-DSP servo driver is our latest and most advanced development in galvo control technology. By taking advantage of high-speed floating-point Digital Signal Processors, 16-bit data converters, direct digital command input, and highly configurable servo algorithms, the Mach-DSP provides full-function, two axis servo driver electronics in a cost-effective and compact package.

Features of the Mach-DSP Servo Driver

  • The Mach-DSP can be accessed using a PC-based Graphical User Interface software package that can be used to monitor and adjust more than 50 performance parameter per axis.
  • The software includes a built-in Test Pattern Generator, an Oscilloscope and a Dynamic Signal Analyzer.
  • Internal memory is capable of storing up to four different tunings for instant access and recall at any time.
  • In addition to traditional analog command input and analog command output, the Mach-DSP includes two optically isolated TTL I/O, two serial ports, and six user-configurable analog outputs.
  • Digital communication protocols XY2-100 and FB4. Can be adapted to support other protocols.

The Mach-DSP servo driver was created with OEMs and developers in mind, incorporating a simple yet comprehensive and flexible interface structure. The modest power requirement and compact size allows laser system manufacturer to package the servo driver electronics, the scanners, and often the power supply as well, directly into the laser projector head. All this when combined with ScannerMAX scanners, delivers a level of speed, accuracy and convenience that were unattainable from an optical scanning system before now.

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Power Supply Voltage (standard configuration): +/-24 Volts DC
Power Supply Range (upon special order): +/-12 to +/-30 Volts DC
Power Supply Quiescent Current: +200, -230mA with 24V power supply
Motor Drive RMS Current: 5 Amperes, RMS, Per Axis
Motor Drive Peak Current: 10 Amperes, Maximum, Per Axis
Analog Command Input Signal: up to +/-10 Volts, user-configurable scale
Analog Command Input Impedance: 20 KΩ differential
XY2-100 compatible Digital Command Input Signal: 16-bits or 18-bits 3.3V direct-connect or RS-422 Signaling
Digitizing Resolution: 16-bits for all analog inputs and outputs
Enhanced Resolution (for low dither applications): 17/18-bits for Position / Command
Sample rate for analog inputs and outputs: 200 ksps Dual-Axis / 300 ksps Single-Axis
Position Test Point Output: +/-10 Volts, scanner-dependent scale
Current Test Point Output: +/- 10 Volts, full scale (1 volt per amp)
AGC Test Point Output: 0 to -15 Volts, full scale
Six separate user-configurable Analog Outputs: +/-5 Volts, User-configurable scale
Two separate programmable Digital Inputs: TTL-level Optically isolated
Two separate programmable Digital Outputs: TTL-level Optically isolated
Bi-directional Serial / USB and Control Panel Ports: 3.3V TTL-level Asynchronous and Synchronous
Size (W x L x H): 2.95 x 3.94 x 1.3 inches
Size (W x L x H): 75 x 100 x 33 millimeters
Mass: 170 Grams
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