ScannerMAX ARC Scanners

Product Description

The ScannerMAX ARC-Series represents an entirely new way of constructing an optical scanner, designed specifically for high-volume manufacturing. A small number of precision parts are assembled together along with a highly optimized rectangular coil. As a result, it is able to deliver a level of performance on par with industry standards, for a small fraction of the cost.

Features of the ARC Series

  • The ARC-series scanners can be used in any application where galvos are commonly found, including displays and laser marking.
  • Due to its low price point, the ARC-series can enable consumer grade applications in new markets including point-of-purchase displays, 3D printers and LIDAR scanning.
  • The design is scalable and able to handle apertures up to 50mm.

Currently the ARC-Series is envisioned in three separate sizes: The ARC 506 intended for 1mm-5mm apertures; the ARC 710 intended for 10mm-15mm apertures; and the ARC 12532 for 20-50mm apertures. The ARC-series design is intended to be licensed to and manufactured by OEMs, thus helping to further enable high volume applications.

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