Compact 506 Dual Axis (XY) Scanning System (3mm)

Compact 506 Dual Axis (XY) Scanning System (3mm)

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Compact 506 3mm frontside
Compact 506 3mm right side
Compact 506 3mm left side
Compact 506 3m backside
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The Compact 506 is a dual-axis galvanometer-based optical scanning system, using a 3mm aperture mirror set.  This system includes two Compact 506 galvos, the Mach-DSP servo amplifier (driver), protected silver mirrors to accept a 3mm beam, a ±24V power supply, aluminum XY mount, and two scanner cables.

These dual-axis 3mm Compact 506 optical scanners are capable of scanning as wide as 60° optical peak-to-peak at speeds up to ILDA 40K / 3.3 kHz small signal bandwidth.

The Compact 506 is our most cost-effective optical scanner, designed for applications where small size and weight are important factors while maintaining respectable, industry-standard performance.

The Mach DSP Servo Driver is a compact digital amplifier with internal memory that provides full, dual-axis control. The Mach DSP Servo Driver accepts both analog and digital (XY2-100) input signals, can store up to four different tunings, and supports PD, PID, PDF, and PDFF servo control laws. The included ScannerMAX GUI software features a built-in oscilloscope, test signal generator, dynamic signal analyzer, and more.

Galvos featuring alternative configurations with different coil resistance, mirror size, mirror coating, galvanometer mount, cable length, digital protocols (FB4) and more are available for custom order through our Quote Form.

Common Applications

Typical applications for Compact 506 include 3D printing, LIDAR, portable displays, laser cleaning, and handheld medical instruments.

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What's Included?

  • Compact 506 Galvanometers with 3mm Protected Silver Mirrors
  • Mach DSP Servo Driver (3 Tunings Included)
  • Aluminum XY Mount (Anodized Finish)
  • 1-Meter Galvo-to-Servo Driver Cables
  • ±24V UP150D Power Supply
  • Mach-DSP Power Cable
  • Mach-DSP Input Signal Cable
  • PC-to-Servo Driver USB Cable
  • 1mL Syringe of Thermal Grease


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Product Options

This system is pre-configured and cannot be customized. Please contact us if your application requires a different configuration than the one listed above, or to inquire about current lead times


Input Beam Diameter 3mm
Scan Angle (as configured) 60 Degrees (Optical Angle)
Input Command Analog +/-10V; Digital (XY2-100)
Cable Length 1 meter
Power Supply Voltage +/- 24V
Mirror Substrate Silicon
Mirror Coating Protected Silver
Compatible Wavelengths 450nm - 20 µm

Reflectivity 450 nm - 2 µm: Ravg > 97.5%
2 - 20 µm: Ravg > 96%

See Reflectivity Chart
Damage Threshold 1 kW/cm²
Surface Flatness (P-V) ≤λ/4 @ 632.8nm
Weight of 3mm System 76 grams

Requires soldering to Mach DSP Servo Driver. See user manual for more details. *Further technical details are available in the datasheet.

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